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Guaranteed Chimney - Serving New York and New England

Guaranteed Home Improvement is trusted by several oil and heating companies as their go to source for chimney and masonry repairs for their clients. We service customers all over New York and New England by providing some of the best chimney repairs. If your heating appliance chimney is damaged, we can fix it. But it’s our goal to keep your family safe. Prevent costly repairs by having Guaranteed Home Improvement annually clean and inspect your chimney. This is important because chimneys that are not properly ventilated can cause gas to spill back into your home putting your harm at risk. We specialize in custom chimney caps that help ventilation as well as chimney liners that help pull the gas out towards the atmosphere. We like to think of ourselves as modern day superheroes. We are not in the chimney business; we are in the saving lives business!

How a Chimney Liner for Oil to Gas Conversion Works Chimney Liners for Oil to Gas Conversions

Liners protect the masonry from the corrosive byproducts of combustion. In the tests it was determined that if the flue gases were allowed to penetrate to the brick and mortar, the result would be a reduction in the usable life of the chimney. The flue gases are acidic in nature and literally eat away at the mortar joints from inside the chimney. As the mortar joints erode, heat transfers more rapidly to the nearby combustibles and dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide can leak into the living areas of the home.
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Five Reasons Why You Need a Chimney Cap

To get a chimney cap, or not, that is the question for many homeowners. And many don’t even know what a chimney cap is or how it protects a chimney. However, rest assured, installing a cap is vital to the long-term health of your chimney and safety of your home. So if you don’t already… Read More »

chimney liner for oil to gas conversion

Why You Need a Chimney Liner When Switching from Oil to Gas

Congratulations! You’ve decided to make the oil to gas conversion, and you’ll not only be saving energy, but also money on your home heating bills in the long run. However, did you know you’ll also need to line the chimney that once was used to exhaust your oil heat and now exhausts your gas heat?… Read More »

Ellen Kurzweil
The people who came to my house were all very professional and answered all the questions I had about the job that needed to be done. I had very little knowledge about how the whole process and was in total disbelief when I learned how intense the work to be ...
Mark S. Adler
You were referred by Petro, who maintains my heating equipment. After a normal scheduled maintenance visit, Petro's technician noticed that my chimney cap had blown away, and that due to the missing cap, water could enter the chimney, which obviously was not good for the burner and other equipment.Ricky, from ...
John Reagan
Can't thank you enough. When we needed help you responded the same day. Your crew worked with diligence, courtesy  and attention to detail. They were extremely attentive and respective out the property. When they first finished the quality and appearance of the work was exceptional. They left our hme cleaner ...